Three Basic Guidelines for Kino


1) How comfortable the girl is with being kino’d DEPENDS 98% on YOU and how comfortable YOU are with it.

That means if you hesitantly take a girl’s hand, both of you will be intensely aware of the contact and it will just be fucking awkward. On the other hand, if you just grab it naturally, playfully, and start moving somewhere, most times the girl will unquestioningly follow you and be chill about it, because it shows YOU are NOT nervous, that YOU are a physical/sexual/cool/experienced person and NOT a FREAK.
2) Early on, you keep kino SHORT but FREQUENT. As things escalate, you LESSEN the frequency, but start getting MORE intimate/intense.

For example: when you meet a girl, don’t just smile and say “hi.” Fuckin stretch out your hand (naturally and without a trace of self-consciousness) and high-five her, but keep your fingers loose so if possible, you guys intertwine fingers. Then you drag the hand for and pull it for a SPLIT second, then LET GO. You detaching first shows that you’re very natural and used to physical contact. It shows that you’re confident. Also, from now on, she’s open to high-fives and hand-grabs from you.

Other examples: when you guys are laughing or she makes fun of you or whatever, you laugh and push her lightly. If she does something retarded or even if she doesn’t, you can just be like “omg, you’re so weird but, adorable…” *throw an arm over her shoulder, quick side-hug, then turn away, disconnect, do something else*

Any opportunity that you can, you should be touching and then cutting it off. It generates fast intimacy and makes you exude confidence/experience/flirtiness.
3) Kino amplifies state/mood. So you use it to physically support your cocky/funny, your push-pull, your flirting basically.

Ex: So I’ll be like “wtf? are you rich? nice! we’re getting married” *grab her hand* “can you cook? no? k sorry we’re broken up” *daintily place her hand on the table or something, like it’s a dead rat*

See how this works? You just use the kino to physically accompany your push-pull flirting. Because you touch on a high point (when both of you are enjoying a joke or the flirting) and then take away the touch on a low point (when you are verbally pushing her away) it makes her AWARE of the absence of your touch. It AMPLIFIES your flirting, establishing attraction MUCH faster.

These are the basics, as well as I can remember. If you want more, just ask I’ll lay out some more shit, like kino-pinging and games you can play to test her.


I’m still in college so I know how daunting it can be. I’m still meeting new people and sometimes, I can walk to and from class and not meet anyone I know on the way there. This is because I go to a school with like 6,000 per class, lol.

If you are a freshman, befriend people in your DORM man! Froshies in dorms get drunk and hook up with each other all the time, in the most random combinations.

Also, just join SHIT, like clubs and orgs. Really, this is the easiest way to meet people. You don’t even have to join EVERYTHING, just pick a handful that interest you and get to know people. For example, I’m in an Asian-interest fraternity, the boxing club, and the student paper. Every weekend, I am either doing fraternity stuff, partying w/boxing club ppl, or going to newspaper meetings/after-meeting parties. Seriously, in college, clubs = people meet to take care of club stuff, THEN PARTY. Join a sports team/physical hobby, so you can meet other dudes your age and they’ll hook you up with parties/chicks.

Just try to push yourself out of your comfort zone each day.