3 Tips for dating a Taiwanese woman


The Internet is the place to meet women

If you want to meet any woman from any background one of the most effective ways to do so is to log online. When meeting women online began to grow in popularity online through chat rooms, email and later dating sites, I resisted. Honestly, I always thought that meeting women online was corny! I didn’t have to go to that “extreme”, I reasoned, because I was good at meeting women in the “real world”.

But as far back as the late 90’s I knew guys who were having great success meeting women online. In fact, at one point, one of my friends was meeting 4-5 women online every week! Man, this guy was sleeping with women of all kinds, left and right. He had a different every night! And he met just about all of them online.

After hearing tale after tale of his sexcapades with women my friend was meeting online I realized that I had to give this “computer love” thing a chance! Though I still prefer to meet women in the “real world”; on the street, for years now I’ve been meeting online. It’s a lot of fun – and at times just way too easy!

In and out of chat rooms and joining dating sites

Remember chat rooms? Did you go into chat rooms to meet women? Do you still visit chat rooms?

What I liked about chat rooms back in the day is that you could have “look around”, chat with several women at a time or you could get a private room with a woman and chat with her one-on-one. Chatting in real time on the computer can be an exciting thing when you’re interested in someone. In some ways it can be even more exciting if that someone is a married woman.

Married women are known to frequent chat rooms. To some, chatting with other men is not cheating. But why are they chatting online in the first place? Well, some are in contact with men from their past but many are chatting with men who are complete strangers. These married women seek adventure and they often find it in chat rooms with men from different backgrounds who may live miles and miles away.

The best online destinations to meet women are dating sites. There are niche dating sites targeting men and women based on age group, ethnicity, recreational interests, etc. There are even controversial dating sites dedicated to married men and women seeking affairs!

If you want to meet a married woman than you’ll have a good chance doing so by joining dating sites. Women who are separated, divorced or even happily married are online and have profiles at dating sites. These women are bombarded every day with stacks of messages by horny men hoping to get lucky. Hey, I’m not a woman but it seems to me that all of the attention can be overwhelming. On the one hand, women are flattered by the attention, but then again, much of the attention is unwanted.

How to send seductive messages to married women online

If you’re on a dating site or in a chat room and you want to seduce a married woman online then you’re going to have to make sure that your messages stand out. Don’t use the same ol’ lines that are cliche’. Be different without coming across just plain ol’ odd. Send her messages that’ll not only make her smile, but will make her think – about what you said and about you.

Because of the nature of being online, there’s a certain level of mystery surrounding you. Use this sense of mystery to your advantage. Send her messages that brings about a feeling of curiosity in her that she simply can’t resist. You know you’re on the right track when she starts sending messages to you and you’re the one responding to her.

Using the power of email

Before Facebook and text messages on the phone people used email to communicate with each other – and still do. Many people still prefer email over other forms of online and digital communications. Personally, I spend more time reading and writing emails than I do chatting on Facebook or texting on my phone. What I like about email is that you can craft well thought out and well-written messages and the length of the messages aren’t a big deal.

Writing an email is like writing a letter. In your digital letter you can express yourself in ways that are limited through other forms of digital communication such as texts. Use emails to write passionate love letters to a woman. Take your time and think through what it is you want to say. You don’t have to hit ‘Send’ until every word you’ve written conveys exactly the message that you want her to receive.

Seducing a married woman on Facebook (or Google+)

With the tremendous popularity of Facebook millions and millions of people are on the social network connecting with people from their past and present and developing relationships with those that will carry on well into the future.

There are a lot of people hooking up with each other on Facebook. Facebook started out as a community for college students and young people but now there are all kinds of people, of all ages, and all over the world on the social network. Facebook is simply an excellent way to reconnect with people you knew from high school, college, past jobs, etc. I have Facebook friends that I never thought I would see or hear from again but now I can be in regular contact with them if I choose to due to social media sites like Facebook.

I can tell you from experience that married women are on Facebook and not all of them are up there just to show off their husbands and kids. Some married women are on Facebook full of intrigue and curiosity, longing for excitement by reconnecting with guys from their past or by meeting new guys.

In my experience, I know women from high school who weren’t the least bit interested in me back in the day, but now that they’re married with children and I’m the infamous Romello Mack :), they can’t wait to meet up, after all these years, for conversation, laughs, fun and even sex!

Being a “social” network, people expect to connect with others when they’re on Facebook. A married woman can be on Facebook and show off pictures of her husband, kids, house, cars, etc., with pride and yet there could still be a void in her life that her family can’t fill. This is where you come in.

Did you go to school with her back in the day? Is she a former or current co-worker? Is she someone you recently met? Facebook presents opportunity for you but you have to be careful. When you’re on Facebook send useful, entertaining compelling even inspiring information when the woman that you’re pursuing. Don’t share anything that could turn her off. Be thoughtful on what you say and what you share. Make her look forward to having contact with you.

Take the online connection to face-to-face meetups

Ultimately, if you’re ever going to get a married woman in your bed you’re going to have to get her off the computer and set up a day and time to meet her face-to-face. Emotional affairs that take place over the Internet is fine, but you want more, don’t you? Back and forth messages through email, Facebook, dating sites, etc., will only go so far before it’s time to take things to the next level.

The effective thing about seducing a married woman online is that if you do it right it makes the face-to-face contact easier. When a woman develops a thing for you online you can physically get her in your bed whenever you feel that the time is right. If she’s married it’s likely that she’s itching to meet face-to-face. You’re going to have to pull the trigger at some point and meet up with her – I’ll say, sooner than later. You don’t want to wait too long so that the married chick only sees you as a Facebook buddy when you want to be her fuck buddy!