The mall is an excellent location for meeting women. Everyone knows that girls love to shop; but how do you approach girls in their playground without driving a wedge into their ecstasy? Well lucky for you most girls like boys almost as much as they love shopping, so with the right approach you could enhance their already enjoyable experience. Here’re a few ideas on how to pick up girls at the mall.


Wear your nicest, newest, hippest casual clothing. A mall is not the right venue to go with the indifferent attire. There will be hundreds of girls looking to acquire the newest Gap skirt or the hottest Old Navy top; it will benefit you to look as if you’ve spent time and money on your look as well. A nice pair of jeans, some stylish tennis shoes without blatant logos (ie no obvious Nike checks or New Balance logos if you can avoid it) and a nice fitting (more tight than not) graphic tee is a good bet to straddle the line between preppy girls and scenester girls.


Entertainment stores (FYE, Gamestop etc.) are a good place to strike up conversation. If you can find a girl who clearly has a specialized area of interest, chances are pretty good that she will not find a conversation about this area of interest unwelcome, no matter how suddenly or awkwardly the conversation appears. As such, spend a little time brushing up on such niche markets as jazz and classical music, particular gaming genres, foreign films, etc. Whether or not you really have an interest in any of these things is unimportant as long as you have enough basic knowledge to talk about them as if you have an interest. People love to share their passions with other people, but passions do not define a person. Think of it as a simple gateway into getting to know a girl. It might be cheating a little bit but if you ever get found out you can always go with “Okay okay so I haven’t watched that many documentaries, but in my defense I was only faking because I wanted to talk to you”, follow it up with a big smile, and more often than not the girl will view this as sweet and you’ll get a good reaction.

Come to the mall with cash. You need to be prepared to spend a little bit of money. Firstly you’ll want to buy something before you approach any girl. This will help give you the appearance of a normal shopper as opposed to someone going to the mall simply to find women. And of course you’ll want to be prepared to spend money on girls if the situation arises.

A technique that can work wonders in the clothing stores at the mall is pretending that you’re shopping for someone else. The idea here is to ask a girl’s opinion on an article of clothing that you’re buying for another girl. There’s a couple ways to do this. The first is pretending that you’re shopping for your girlfriend. This may seem like an odd way to go about hitting on girls but it actually makes your approach feel less invasive to a girl than when you portray yourself as a single (or possibly single) guy, and many women tend to have a certain “too bad he’s taken” type of attraction towards men who are in a relationship. Approach the girl you’re interested in (don’t get too close, just walk up and make eye contact) and say something like “Hey could I ask you a question?”. Once she says “uhh sure”, say “I’m shopping for my girlfriend, and her style is somewhat similar to yours I’d say. Well anyway I’m kind of lost in the girls’ section here.. what do you think of this skirt?” Try to present an article of clothing that you think the girl you’re talking to will not like. Ideally you’ll want her to offer to help you out, as you’re obviously completely inadequate at shopping for the opposite sex. From there starting up a conversation should be a breeze, as the girl will undoubtedly ask you about your girlfriend as she tries to help you find what you’re looking for. The advantages to the “shopping for girlfriend” method will make themselves obvious fast, as the girl you’re approaching will not even suspect you as the devious prowler you are and she’ll treat you as if you’re an innocently outgoing individual who valued her opinion (which will flatter her). The disadvantage comes afterwards, as flat out asking for her number when you leave the store is not a very viable option (unless the two of you really clicked in conversation). A better bet would be to try to keep the conversation going elsewhere in the mall. Try saying something like “I really appreciate your help. You’re a total sweetheart. I’m about to go to the food court, would you (and your friends) like to join me? It’s on me.” If there’s an arcade in the mall offer to pay for the girl to come play some games with you. You could also try inviting her and her friends to a party or something along those lines (giving her your number).

The alternative method is pretending that you’re shopping for your sister or female friend (or anything comparable). The same process goes into this as shopping for your “girlfriend”, but if things go well  here you will be able to ask for the girl’s number or ask her on a date. Try out both and choose your favorite. Don’t do this too much at one mall though or you’ll be found out.

When hunting for girls in the mall, you’ll have to be prepared for some possible rejection. There will be girls in the mall who would consider any stranger trying to talk to them a bit unwelcome. Don’t fret it; the mall is a monstrous sea of fish (with new fish circulating in and old ones out continuously) and essentially breaks down to a numbers game. Be patient; don’t overextend yourself, and you’ll find a girl more than willing to get to know you before you can even finish your Cinnabon.