Making Love To A Virgin


Although most women have had enough experience to know how to pleasure a man in the bedroom, but you can be sure that are several girls who would be virgins when you first take them to bed.

Though most Indian men actually prefer to make love with a virgin. There are also numerous men who dislike the idea due to the pressure of making love to someone with no experience.

So if you happen to be dating a virgin then there are a few important things that you should always keep in mind when you take her to bed. Though you have made love to different women before, you need to understand that this one being a virgin will know little or nothing about what is expected of her in bed. Because she will be anxious and nervous, you have to be all the more careful to ensure that she gets to enjoy her first time with you.

Kiss her

Whether you are doing it with a virgin or someone with a record that would put Pam Anderson to shame, you should take your time to make love to her just with your lips. Use your lips with passion, and kiss her parts that other guys tend to ignore. Kiss her lips, her hips, her shoulders, her hands, nuzzle her ears – parts which aren’t necessary sexual.

Give your girl a hand

Okay this one may look straight out of a B-grade south Indian movie, but starting off with a sensual full body massage is an excellent way of warming her up. So use some nice aromatic oils like lavender or Yang-Yang to massage her body. If you are more experienced, you would be aware the various erogenous zones of a woman’s body. Start with the nape of her neck and slowly work your way down to her back, gently knead her breasts and play with her nipples, gently flick at them and manipulate them to erection.

Get her to lie on her stomach and massage her inner thighs. Lovingly caress her buttocks and move your hands close to her valley of pleasure. She might be too shy to tell you, but her ultimate pleasure point would be dying for your attention.

Gently, stroke her outer lips or the labia. Whatever, apprehensions or fears she may have had about sex will all disappear once your finger start creating magic in her nether regions.

Never criticise her

Remember, she has never felt a man’s body before, which essentially means that when she tries to explore your body you may not necessarily enjoy it. So let her hold your penis and fondle it, let her lick and nibble you and tickle you body. You may not find her amateurish attentions very arousing but don’t make her feel like an amateur in bed.

If she does something right let her know how much you are enjoying it. Guide her fingers to your pleasure points and tell her what you would like a girl to do in bed. Being the more experienced partner you should be like her loving mentor, and teach her the intricacies of pleasuring a man.

Make her touch herself

While she may or may not have masturbated before, by getting her to touch herself you would be able to make her feel the unknown. Tell her how badly you want to see her masturbate. The idea is open her to own sexuality.

Its time to penetrate

When you think that she is finally ready to be penetrated, enter her as gently as possible. Also make sure that she is producing enough lubrication to facilitate the act. Keep your strokes slow and shallow and avoid pushing too deep during your first few strokes.

If you are able to make her feel comfortable and safe, any pain that she may experience in the beginning will soon disappear, and be replaced by moans of ecstasy.

The first time can be nerve racking for most men. Just remember how nervous you were when you had sex for the first time. So when your take your virginal girlfriend to bed for first time makes the experience as pleasurable for her as possible.