Establishing Connection The Cube Routine


The Cube routine is actually an ancient visualization game based on the Mayan culture and detailed in the book: Secrets of the Cube.  It was made famous by Style’s book, The Game, and the favored routine by Style and Mystery’s camp for cold reading and establishing connection with women.  It is a series of questions that allows you to tell a girl a lot about herself.

It’s proven to be accurate and is an accepted psychological technique.   The only things you need to know are the 5 main headings and their sub-questions, and you can bullshit the interpretations based on standard definitions.  The cube routine can be used to raise your value as well as in seduction to establish an emotional connection.  It is an incredibly powerful bonding tool because women generally love hearing about themselves and you can tailor your interpretations to cater to the woman’s desires.

Establishing Connection: The Cube Routine

1) Imagine you are driving through a desert, and you see a cube

Allow her a moment to picture this, then ask these questions one at a time, not all at once!

a – What size is the cube?
b – What color is it?
c – What is it made of? Can you see through it or not?
d – Is it on the ground or floating?
e – Where is the cube in relation to you?

Answers and interpretations:

The cube relates to her interpretation of herself, and reflects her ego.

a – It’s pretty big / it’s fairly small. Ask them how big, or how small first, ask them to compare it to something else so you have an idea. Generally big will mean she has a big ego, but you can make this sound good by saying it also shows she is able to fend for herself and stand up for herself when she needs to. She doesn’t feel the need to rely on others. A small cube likewise refers to a small ego and insecurity, but saying this may not be appreciated. So say something along the lines of a small cube indicates that you are a very self-sufficient girl, that you don’t require all the attention and glamour that louder girls require.

b – blue/red/yellow colors are very simple to cover. A bright color will suggest that she is happy, energetic, and easy-to-befriend (also outgoing if she had a big cube), whereas colors such as blue and green will suggest that she is natural, down-to-earth, and enjoys time spent with friends. Don’t say blue means she is a dull, boring, depressed person, but if you sense she genuinely is depressed, then you can say that it indicates this. Basic truisms all the way through!

c – Glass and can be seen through / Thick plastic and can’t be seen through. Material isn’t all that important, except that it can reflect ‘how fragile or strong’ her current mentality is. If it’s see-through, then she is able to be read easily by people when they meet, as she doesn’t feel the need to keep up a constant guard or act like someone she isn’t. If it isn’t see-through, she has aspects of herself that she doesn’t reveal to anyone but those she feels closest to, and that she has quite a few secrets.

d – On the ground / It’s floating. You should comment that a levitating cube shows she feels ‘above and beyond’ her surroundings. It indicates a strong will and reserve of confidence that can be tapped into when she needs to or feels pressured. A cube on the ground shows she is very aware of her surroundings, and is quite literally ‘sure-footed’. You are just conveying the same things here, so long as they are congruent with previous reads. If you have already told her she isn’t confident, then don’t contradict yourself here, instead tell her that a floating cube would indicate she isn’t sure of her current situation, and hasn’t yet become adjusted with a current situation well enough to be able to walk through life 100% comfortably. Likewise, a grounded cube should be described as just that. You feel grounded in a current situation.

e – nearby / on the horizon / in the mid-ground. The cube’s location to herself, literally shows how ‘connected’ she feels to herself right now. Cube far away – she feels disconnected, occasionally feels as though she is just drifting through life. Cube close – she feels very aware of herself, often taking control of situations quickly when they involve her personal affairs.


2) Now we are going to add a ladder to the scene

Allow her time to picture this, then ask the following questions:
a – Where is the ladder in relation to the cube?
b – What position is it in? (flat on the ground/leaning/vertical etc)
c – What is it made of? Is it in good condition?

Answers and interpretations:

The ladder represents her aspirations, some people like to say it represents her friends. You can use either, so long as you make it believable.

a + b – Near the cube / far from the cube / under the cube / on top of the cube / leaning on the cube. Most of the time questions ‘a’ and ‘b’ are answered as one. A ladder near the cube shows she feels that her aspirations are close to her heart, she takes them seriously. Far from the cube shows she ‘isn’t yet thinking about her aspirations, and is putting them on hold.’ Do not say she is failing in life and her aspirations are out of reach! Just a temporary barrier is preventing her from continuing up her ladder at the moment. This can easily be explained as ‘school/college/uni is currently taking precedence, and this is ‘very common amongst students.’ If she has a child, then that is also a perfectly good explanation. If her ladder is vertical, she is looking to climb it, if it is horizontal, she is happy where she is ‘at the moment’, but may be considering setting it up again soon to continue ascending. If it is under her cube, she is feeling ‘on top and in charge of her aspirations’, if it is on top of her cube, she occasionally feels overwhelmed by the goals and aspirations she sets herself or wishes to achieve. If the ladder is leaning on her cube, ask her how high it reaches. All the way up suggests her aspirations and goals are at an achievable level, where as half way up suggests she is not setting them high enough and that she probably isn’t working very hard on them moment. Of course this may be a temporary lull as she has other things that require her attention first (school etc).

c – Wood / Metal. Good condition / Poor condition. Personally I don’t ask the ‘what is it made of’ question, as I believe it will made of whatever material they generally associate ladders to be made of. But it is said to represent how stable their career and goal aspirations are. Metal ladders are better signs than wood. Wood is not a bad sign so long as it is in good condition, but metal is better. The condition of the ladder represents the same thing, and how they currently feel about their aspirations. Good condition – progressing well, optimistic about their ascent. Poor condition – finding it difficult to achieve her goals, and difficult to fond a way up in her career path / aspirations.


3) Now I want you to add flowers to the scene

Again, allow her time to picture the flowers, then ask these questions:
a – Where are they in relation to the cube, the ladder, and you?
b – How many are there?
c – How tall are they?
d – Are they all the same colour, or do they vary?

Answers and interpretations:

The flowers relate to her friends, and how she feels about them.

a – Nearby the cube / Far from the cube etc. If the flowers are near one of the objects, they are directly relevant to each other. Near to the cube shows she is close to her friends. Near to the ladder shows they are important to her aspirations, involved with her career and aspirations, or that she wants to carry them with her / doesn’t want to abandon her friends for her career and inspirations. Far from the cube will allow you tell her she feels a distance growing between herself and her friends, and that they used to be closer than they are right now. She may say they are under the cube if the cube is floating, meaning that they tend to come to her for advice and shelter, and she takes pride in caring for her friends.

b – Lots / Few. Whereas lots of flowers will mean she has a lot of friends, few flowers will not mean that she doesn’t, but that there are only a few that she considers to be ‘true’ or ‘close’ friends. Although there are other friends she hangs out with, she doesn’t trust them all as well as those few she holds close. This works especially well if the flowers are close to the cube.

c – Tall / Short. Taller flowers indicate close bonds, whilst small flowers indicate loose bonds. You will find that the fewer flowers she sees, the taller they will be. Whereas a girl who sees a lot of flowers will see small ones. This is fairly self-explanatory.

d – Same colors / Mixed colors and varieties. This part reveals how well she feels her group of friends gets on with each other. So same colored flowers show she feels her friends get on well with each other, whilst different colors will suggest that the friends have occasional clashes with each other. You will find that if she sees a lot of flowers, they tend to be different colors. This is because her friends are from lots of different groups, and although she is able to merge between groups freely, those groups would not be able to get on so well if they all merged together (hence grouping). If she sees different colors in a small group, then it would appear that some of the members in the group don’t get along so well at the moment. Maybe they had a fall-out, or are in disagreement about something at the moment.

4) Now we’ll add a horse to the image

Once she’s pictured the horse, ask these two questions:

a – Where is the horse in relation to the cube, the ladder, and the flowers?
b – Is the horse doing anything worth noting?

Answers and interpretations:

The horse relates to her lover, ideal lover, or recent lover if they just broke up. Once you get around to interpreting her answers, ask her if she has a boyfriend first. This will allow you to make clearer and more accurate interpretations.

a – Close to the cube / ladder / flowers OR far from the cube / ladder / flowers. I’m sure you’re getting the gist of this now. Close to the cube – close to her emotions and held dear to her heart. Close to the ladder – important to her aspirations and career, maybe travelling the same career path as her. Close to the flowers – got on well with her friends, maybe in the same group as her friends. UNLESS the horse is tampering with whatever it is close to. For example: Trying to knock down the ladder – interfering with her career path and aspirations. Difficult to balance time spent with her lover, with time spent on her career. Eating or trampling the flowers – Interfering with her friends and social life. Lover doesn’t or didn’t get on with her friends well. Or she’s worried that if she has a boyfriend, then he will end up getting in the way of her friends, or stopping her from seeing them as often.

b – Trampling with the flowers / resting / knocking down the ladder / running around etc. Extra details that allow you to make further observations and truisms. These are some of the examples I have come across. Some I mentioned the meanings of above. Resting – You see your lover as lazy, he doesn’t participate in your relationship as much as you would like him to, or her doesn’t work towards his career as much as you would like (use this to make yourself seem like the perfect boyfriend. You would put time into a relationship, and you are successful in your career). Running around – energetic, works hard, but comes across as childish occasionally. Ask if this is interfering with any of the other images (cube/flowers/ladder) and interpret accordingly.


5) Finally, you see a storm in the scene

Allow her time to picture the storm, then ask away:

a – Where is the storm? Close? Far?
b – Is it approaching or fading?
c – Does it affect either the cube, the ladder, the flowers, or the horse?

Answers and interpretations:

The storm is for problems in her life, that may be in existence, or newly arising.

a – The storm is close / far / right above me. A distant storm will indicate that none of her troubles are particularly threatening to her right now. A close storm indicates that her troubles seem as though they might erupt soon, and an overhead storm indicates that her troubles are having a large impact on her life at the moment, directly influencing her moods and emotions.

b – Approaching / Fading / Can’t tell. An approaching storm – her problems seem as though they are escalating, and getting worse as time goes on. Fading – her current problems are facing, she feels she has faced the worst of the situation. Can’t tell – her problems are at a stand-still, neither getting better or worse. She can’t see where they are heading next.

c – Yes it affects (x) / No it doesn’t affect any of the other images. If the storm doesn’t affect any of the other images, then either the problems aren’t serious enough to jeopardize these other facets of her life, or they only affect her inner self, the other factors remain unaffected including her cube. But this may be the reason her cube is a dull color (if it was blue for example) rather than a bright color. If the storm does affect the other images, find out which ones it affects and interpret as needed. For example, if the horse appears frightened by the storm – This problem is having a negative effect on your lover. Either the problem is one involving your relationship, it is negatively affecting the time and effort you are able to put into your relationship, and your lover is upset about this.



The key is the ability to convincingly apply truisms to your interpretations. The beauty to The Cube routine is that it is a scientifically proven method to determine a person’s inner feelings and emotions. So you will find that at least 75% of your interpretations are correct. Some people vary the definitions of the images. I’ve heard the ladder being used to represent friends before, and the flowers to represent children, and its pretty much what you feel like.  This is not physics, it’s seduction.   So fit your interpretations to whatever establishes the connection.