Is there a girl at your school who is always in a state of melancholia and depressed? Someone who stands out in the crowd? What if you happen to like her and want to get to know her? Chances are, she is just lonely and tired of being made fun of for not fitting in with the crowd. The following steps will help you attract her.



Approach her slowly. But do not walk up fast with a big goofy grin on your face or follow her around. Approach her warmly and smile kindly. Be sincere and be real. She might not be used to this.



Ask what her name is. Even if you already know, it would soothe her because you didn’t come up to her and say “Hey Weirdo!”.



Get to know her. Ask a few questions. Don’t ask anything too personal and try not to sound too interrogative, this will make her really uncomfortable.



Comfort her like a friend when she gets teased. Defend her and stand by her side no matter what.



After you get to know each other, casually tell her that you think she is really pretty. Be passionate and if you want, hold your hand out to her. Don’t be offended if she doesn’t take it. She still might be warming up to you. Also, be careful it doesn’t sound as though you’re teasing or being sarcastic.



Ask her if you can get her anything. Make sure you don’t seem too desperate.



If she doesn’t jump into your arms just keep on going, remember; she’s not used to positive attention! Talk to her a little every day, she’ll see you’re reliable and like you more.



Continue talking to her for the next few days and getting to know her, what she’s like, her interests, her hobbies, her favourite music, etc.



Ask her out to dinner. Even if you are in middle school. Tell your parents that you want to invite a friend to go to dinner with you. Think of something to say to them.



Buy her a necklace, if you can. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It just has to be pretty or if she likes animals, get a necklace with a cat on it or something.



Try to kiss her if you want an intimate relationship, but slowly enough that you give her a choice if she wants to kiss you or not. If she’s not ready, just hold her hand.



Be kind to her all the time. Love her and show her that you care for her.